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Toys, Equipment & Nursery Furniture

Toys, Baby Equipment and Nursery Furniture must be Clean & Current.


Current means for the most part within a 5-year manufacture date. There are some exceptions to this guideline, ( wooden high chairs, eg.), so we recommend that you call first before bringing “older” items down. All items must be clean, have all the parts, working batteries and meet current safety regulations. Please take the time to wipe down all toys, wash covers on equipment and bring all parts & pieces at the time of consignment. We are very sorry but we do not have time to clean items and cannot accept them for sale if they are not ready for the sales floor. The Stork Exchange puts out almost 300 new items a day and therefore we appreciate your cooperation in this area. We do check for recalls and, in the case of a recalled item, require that the safety retrofit be installed prior to being accepted for sale. Also, painted items need to be checked closer. Please call first for information on consigning Baby Gear & Toys.

Toys should be for Newborn through Age 3. There are some exceptions but we are primarily looking for 3yr and under age appropriateness.

Car seats must be within a 3-year date. All car seats must have the owners instruction manual with it and they will be inspected to insure that they are safe to sell.

Cribs must be in compliance with a recent change in law. Cribs must be dated 2012 or newer.

We do not take Barbies, stuffed animals, matchbox cars, dolls, board games, toys for older kids, bike seats & bike trailers.

Contract Details

  1. The Consignment Period is 60 days. Clothing will sell at full price for 20 days, 15% off and 30% off for each 20 day period. You receive 50% of the selling price. Toys, Baby Equipment & Nursery Furniture will sell at full price for 20 days, 10% off and 30% off for each 20 day period. You receive 40% of the selling price. Prices are determined by The Stork & Fashion Exchange and are approximately 35-50% of retail. We reserve the right to additional markdowns during store sales. Accounts can be looked at online through the Consignor Center at

  1. There is a semi-annual consigning fee of $5.95 (January-June and July-December). Buyer’s fees are added to the selling price and range from .75-2.00 per item on a sliding scale. If you would like unsold items back, you may take them off the sales floor during the last 5 days of your consignment period. After 60 days, unsold items become the property of The Stork & Fashion Exchange and may be donated, sold or discarded. Only in very rare cases may items be taken back before the full consignment period is up.

  1. Funds are available 4 days after an item has been sold & posted. Balances under $50.00 will be paid by cash in the store. Balances over $50.00 will be paid by check. They must be requested ahead of time and are mailed on Mondays. Also, Automatic monthly checks may be requested and are mailed by the 15th of each month, for balances over $50. Account balances may be used as store credit, in the store or for online purchases at

  1. Although all possible care will be taken of your merchandise, The Stork & Fashion Exchange is not responsible for theft or undisclosed damage at time of consignment.